If your school is not included in the available stores and you'd like to add your school, kindly send us an email at support@skulmart.com

We are helping small scale businesses to connect with students within universities

About SkulMart & Mission

The sole purpose of SkulMart is to make business management easier and effective for business owners in schools.

SkulMart is an e-commerce solution that aids sellers of goods and services to create awareness for their products as well as manage them effectively. This would attract interested buyers in the same (or different) school hence, creating relationships between the two parties.

How We Operate

Sellers in or around school organizations get to manage their products and orders in a store of their choice. Buyers get to buy products online from any store and from any seller of their choice. We hold the money after buyer makes an order, and credit the seller only when the buyer confirms that they have recieved the order.

What are you waiting for ?

Let’s get you started. You can either become a Buyer or Seller at SkulMart.