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Introducing Negotiations for Product Prices

Posted by Dillion Megida on March 31st, 2021 -- 2 min read

Before today, it was impossible to negotiate prices. When a seller enters the price for a product, for instance, 5000 naira, every buyer would have to pay that exact price when making an order.

Today, we have made it possible for prices to be negotiated before buyers make an order. The process is quite simple. We'll share how it works in this article.

Click the negotiate button on a product page

Buyers can only negotiate prices of products that the seller has selected to be negotiable. For products with negotiable prices, you'll find the "Click to negotiate" button on the product's page. Here's how it looks:

Screenshot of the Click to negotiate button

The Buyer's Negotiation page

The negotiation page shows the negotiation information.

Screenshot of the buyer's negotiation page

On the left, the buyer will see the product information, and on the right, the contact information of the seller.

Below the contact information, the buyer can also see the agreed price during the negotiation.

The Seller Negotiation's page

For the seller, here's their view:

Screenshot of the seller's negotiation page

On the right, the seller can enter a price that they must have agreed with the buyer.

Negotiation price on Buyer Negotiation's page

When the seller updates the price, the buyer would have the following:

Screenshot of the updated buyer's negotiation page

The seller can "re-negotiate". Re-negotiating means updating the status of the negotiation from "AWAITING BUYER" to "AWAITING SELLER". After requesting re-negotiation, the buyer would have to call the seller, so that the seller can update the price on their dashboard

Closing Negotiation

When the buyer and the seller agree on a price, the buyer can add the product to their cart. On adding the product to their cart, the negotiation is closed, and the negotiated price is used instead of the product's original price.

Here's how the buyer's cart looks like:

Screenshot of the buyer's cart


This is the current version of the negotiations page. We're open to feedback and suggestions, and as we update this feature, we'll ensure to keep this article updated too.

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